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Film | Legends: James Franco by Interview Magazine

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With the 75th anniversary of the iconic sunglasses manufacturer, Ray-Ban underway, INTERVIEW celebrates the NEVER HIDE moments of a few influential leaders in art, fashion, music and film. We’ve met quite a few characters over the decades, but here are some of our favorite interviewees and icons, artists who never shied away from marching to the beat of their own drum. Here we talk to James Franco:

James Franco doesn’t have a lot of down time. Between writing, directing, producing and starring in various films (and the occasional daytime soap-opera), adding to his collection of post-graduate degrees, and, of course, maintaining his James Dean-inspired style, we’re not sure how Franco finds time to sleep, eat or brush his teeth. But an iconic career has always been the plan for the colorful Palo Alto, CA native. Initially discouraged by his parents from attending art school, Franco tried to tread a more conventional path and enrolled at UCLA to get his BA in English. This, however, did not last long. 

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By Madeline Rudin, Michelle Lhooq
Photography Mikael Jansson



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