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Runway MBFDZ | Di Liborio Spring Summer 2015

I had a fantastic connection with the collection, the music and of course with the designer. The world of LIBORIO CAPIZZI is extraordinarily unusual, full of oxymora, and sometimes it knows no middle ways. It is dominated by a bright galaxy of different influences.

Di Liborio Spring Summer 2015 #MBFDZ

Di Liborio Spring Summer 2015 #MBFDZ

You breathe a new air here. An atmosphere born from a deep esthetical sensitivity, a mix of heterogeneous and apparently contrasting suggestions: the sacred and the profane, the ethnic and the contemporary, avant-garde versus tradition, period costumes and punk rock cohabit in a collage of multifaceted and ambivalent inspirations. A real creative forge, where you can clearly sense the commitment, the extreme care, the nearly obsessive attention and curiosity behind every gesture of your host, behind the objects he selects, mixes together and loves, behind his ability to create new ways of being and a new aesthetic path which leaps away from rules and traditions.

Liborio’s collections are sold in prominent world-wide boutiques such as Antonioli in Milan, L’Eclaireur in Paris, Maxfield in Los Angeles, Podium in Moscow.

Images By Jeannette Evans
Designer Di Liborio
pring Summer 2015
Mercedes-Benz Fashion Days

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